Stink in the Sink

While I was at work yesterday and my children were in "daddy daycare" a few events transpired throughout the day. First David was being the good husband and cleaning all the bathrooms and Sawyer had asked him if he could play in the kitchen sink with his bath toys. So David filled the sink up for him and left him to splish splash a bit while he finished scrubbing toilets. Well when he returned to the kitchen to check on Sawyer this is what he found..........................

guess Sawyer meant LITERALLY - could he play in the sink!!!

Then sweet innocent little MagPie got up for her nap and Daddy went to get her. Upon entering the room he was blown away by a pungent smell so he assumed she had just filled her drawers. But upon turning on the light she had poop from one end to the other of her bed!!! David thinks she must have done this early on in the nap because it took 2 baths to get her clean. You are all lucky because David did not photograph this incident!!!!

I have a problem...........................

I was killing time at Walmart, yes I have a bit of white trash in me and I peruse the aisles of the local Walmart looking for a good deal from time to time. Anyhow this book caught my eye and I thought, "are they talking about me?" Sad yes.........but true!! I wouldn't say that Starbucks has saved MY life but at times I think it saved my children's lives. I just hop in the ol minivan and head on down to the drive thru Starbucks conveniently located by my house and soothe my aggravation with a Caramel Macchiato. I just keep saying to myself, really rationalizing my consumption of Starbucks, that at least it's not the liquor store. Of course it would be cheaper.......................yes many of you think I have a problem and it is true but I really do enjoy it!!!


David's company hosted a party at the Rockies game where we benefited with a FREE lunch and tickets! Can't beat that............the highlight of the day was meeting DINGER and getting his autograph. Maggie wasn't to fond of the ginormous purple dinosaur & was more than happy to bid farewell to him.


Starbucks bound.........

Someday ol Maggie Pie will join us!

My mom and I enjoyed another year at the Women of Faith conference in Denver. Every year we start the day off with an Egg Bagel Sandwich from Einstein Bagels and of course Starbucks!! The conference was an amazing time full of incredible music by Mandisa and Nicole C. Mullen, powerful messages, a delicious lunch at The Market on Larimer Square, and most of all INFINITE GRACE from the Man above. I look forward every year to this time with my mom as we both continue our journey in our Faith, each year it getting stronger and stronger.



We had 2 parties on Sawyer's birthday................a playdate for all of our friends in the morning then a little gathering with 2 of Sawyer's buddies, Owen & Ethan, in the evening. David out did himself this year creating 3 Monster Trucks out of Cardboard boxes for the boys to crush stuff with. I was amazed at how detailed they were. Way to go David!!!




The CRUSH Course

ETHAN in Monster Mutt, SAWYER in BATMAN, David PIT CREW, and OWEN in TAZ

Sawyer Finding the Perfect Kitty..........

Sawyer has wanted a cat since the day he could say CAT! So for his big #5 birthday I put together a scavenger hunt that he did to find the letters that spelled C-A-T. Here is part of the video of his hunt.............with Papa Bowman's help, yes he can read he just didn't have his glasses on!!!

Our journey begins at the Longmont Humane Society where they had over 100 cats to choose from!! Actually our journey began around the time Sawyer learned to talk and could express that he wants a cat, it has taken us this long to convince Daddy.

So Uncle Bubba, Granny & Papa Bowman, Maggie, Sawyer, and I all helped search for the perfect kitty for Sawyer to call his own. We met with only a few cats before discovering a little orange tabby kitten named Flare and his black and white brother Asland. They both were absolutely adorable but it was Flare who came up to Sawyer instantly and rubbed up against him. He was very loveable and playful and so Flare it was that warmed Sawyer's heart. So we brought Flare home - who was initially named Mr. Fluffernutter by Sawyer then changed to Mr. Cocopugs. If you have never read SkippyJon Jones you must and then you will see where he came up with such creative names!!!! Mr. Cocopugs has fit in very well at our house and has even put catankerous ol Boo in her place.................

Maggie Enjoying Mr. Cocopugs new bed & Sawyer spending the night in the laundry room with Mr. Cocopugs!!!

Eagle Mom's Reunited!

It's amazing to me how a group of women can be brought together by the birth of a child and entering into motherhood and remain friends even though time and distance have grown between us!!! I am so greatful for this group of women.....................


Maggie Pie FINALLY warming up to Uncle Bubba, she decided she had made him suffer long enough!!!

Some of our most favoritest people in the world joined us for Smores on what turned out to be a cool rainy evening but that didn't dampen the need for pure sugar racing through our veins!! Our friends Curt & Michelle and their kids Avery & Ethan as well as Uncle Bubba & Aunt Rachel joined us for a fire in the pit and marshmallows on a stick.............MMMmmmmmm---