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35 1/2 Weeks

37 1/2 Weeks

Father's Day 2009

We had actually celebrated Father's Day the weekend prior because I just KNEW I was going to have this baby and wanted to be sure David got a proper celebration, yes another way I have JINXED myself!! Anyhow last weekend we went out to supper and David got to pick out a new grill............

Then this weekend he got to pick the breakfast place so we went down to Denver to Pete's Kitchen then decided to go to Washington Park. Wash Park now has paddle boats and bikes to rent so we did another weekend of Paddle Boating!!!


First of all HARPER is my mom's maiden name so that is where I came up with HARPER. In addition to that there are 2 very special women behind that name, my Grandma Harper - Jerry Janeane Harper and my mother Mary Kay Bowman.

My Grandma Harper passed away when I was in 2nd grade so I don't have many memories of her but the ones I do have have stayed with me throughout the years. Then I have the stories and pictures that my Granny (her mother) and my mother (her daughter) have shared with me. And of course my mom who has been the 1 constant throughout my life to this day and there are TOO many memories to even write about!!

My Grandma was a woman of many many talents, everything that she did she excelled at and loved. She auditioned with Shirley Temple for roles in movies, she had Amelia Earhart babysit her in California for my Great-Grandparents! She played softball, bowled, rode Harleys, raised Blue Heelers & Australian Shepards, she loved to read, she did it all---- but she also was a real woman who struggled in many ways throughout her life, I wish I had known her past the age of 7 and I wish she had had time to overcome those struggles in her life. My mom always tells me that I had to have gotten so many of my traits from my Grandma because they didn't come from her!!

Then there is my Mom and if you know me very well you know she is my best friend and someone who has always been there for me throughout it all. She is the kind of person who has a love for animals and people and would do anything for anyone. She is a talented artist and is the craftiest person I know. She provided us so much growing up when the men in our lives failed us, she had to be it all and did it with grace.

And most importantly God, Faith, and Prayer were their rock and they instilled that in me, the most precious gift of all.

So who wouldn't want their daughter named HARPER if they had these 2 amazing women in their lives?!?!


SAWYER'S FIRST T-BALL GAME!! I can tell you that Coach Harnig was 10 times more nervous than the kids............

Me & My Belly 35 1/2 weeks!

Highland Lake Paddle Boating

We have discovered a small family owned lake in Mead which is just up the road northwest of us. It is surrounded by huge shade trees that have tire swings hanging from them and where you can rent paddle boats & canoes. So Saturday the weather was finally nice, no tornado warnings, so we ventured out with a picnic lunch, Boo, and the remote control boat. The kids love it!!! I think Boo did too...........



We have had two ARTSY FARTSY filled days...........first yesterday at Crackpots Pottery for Storytime in Longmont with our friend Ryan and his mommy Julie, little sis Baby Kate spent the day with Grandma so no fish plate for her!! They read Rainbow Fish then painted a Fish Shaped Plate. Maggie had a meltdown when we had to leave her Fish to be baked!! It's amazing though how detailed Sawyer is now in his artistic abilities, may have an Uncle JR in the making.

Then today we went to Art Class in Boulder at Clementine Studio, Sawyer had gone there when we first moved to Firestone before Maggie was born. He remembered who both of his teachers were and to his delight they were still there!! How in the world does he remember these types of things?!?! Maggie and Sawyer are doing a sibling class so they get to go together, they had so much fun today being allowed to do things that mom would NEVER do at home!!! The teacher laughed because the last time she saw us I was pregnant with Maggie and here I stood today pregnant again. Can't believe I am doing all this stuff while in Pre-Term Labor..........a little different mentality when you have 2 kids at home to take care of compared to my 1st pregnancy!!