So I just had to buy them matching dresses, so here they are sporting their sundresses. I can't wait to see what their relationship will be like as they grow older, I pray they are as close with each other as they are with their big brother.


My 3 Babies!!

Sawyer the serious one, Maggie the silly one, Addie what one will she be?!?!

Coffee Date with Addie & Friends

A fun coffee date with mom's from church - 3 of us had babies 3 weeks in a row on Tuesdays!! 3 of us got pregnant after doing a Small Group Bible Study called "Love & Respect" hmmmmmmm must have been a good study :0)

Just Another Day at the Park!

Ok some people think I am nuts hauling 3 kids out and about but I have to for my sanity & theirs!! We just get out in the morning for a few hours.........yes & a Starbucks then head home for lunch and nap.




Summertime Fun!

Last T-Ball Game

The T-Ball season has come to an end, we had so much fun this year meeting the families and getting to know the kids. David was the coach and did a wonderful job as always with the kids, all the parents asked him if he was going to coach again next year! Sawyer really likes T-ball and was hitting the ball and making great stops by the end of the season. He can't wait for T-Ball to come around again.........