Maggie Is Growing Up Too Fast!



Granny and Lipstick........................

So Maggie is OBSESSED with chapstick and lipstick so when we met my mom this past week so Sawyer could go home with her, that was the first thing Maggie asked for!! And of course since Sawyer has to have what Maggie has and vice versa they all had a round of Lipstick..................

Weekend Fun!

Last weekend we took Sawyer's remote control boat out on the little lake up the road of course after grabbing Starbucks and a Muffin :0) Poor Boo never goes anywhere with us anymore so she even got to go along, it's to bad she is so obsessed with whatever we are eating to enjoy actually being out of the house. I guess when you hit 13 1/2 food is about all that matters.

Then this weekend I was on-call so we stayed close to home and in between getting called out spent alot of time in the backyard. David and the kids had a water gun fight, Sawyer had a buddy over to swim, they went on a bike ride, mowed the grass, started cleaning out the garage, and lots more I'm sure I missed out on!

Sawyer, Maggie, & Owen enjoying Maggie's Pool!!

Graduation Day from Preschool

Well today was the big Preschool Graduation, complete with hats made out of cardboard and paper bowls, and diplomas!! Sawyer has loved having Miss Tara & Miss Carmen as his teachers these past 2 years, I think though his favorite thing this year was when they paired the Preschoolers up with 5th Graders as "reading buddies". He connected with his Buddy Evan right away and they became fast friends. Fortunately Sawyer will be in the same Kindergarten class as a few of his best buddies so he is looking forward to next year. All he is focused on right now though is heading to Granny & Papa's house next week BY HIMSELF and that Mom is going to have a baby before Kindergarten starts.

The Playset is UP!!

David found this playset on Craigslist for $150 in Boulder, so he had to go to Boulder take it apart, haul it home, restain it, and reassemble it!!! Alot of work that is being rewarded as I type with screams of "push me higher Daddy" from Sawyer and Maggie. Very lucky kids to have such a awesome daddy..........

Day At The Park with Ryan

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

So Sawyer and I finally had an opportunity to spend the day together, just the two of us! A good friend gave us 2 Rockies tickets lower level between 3rd base and home plate..........perfect seats - sunny at first then in the shade at the end. Another good friend watched MagPie for us and we were off. Sawyer did watch more of the 3 girls behind us at times than the actual ballgame but we had fun. I had a great time and realized just how much I need to make it a point to do things with Sawyer, just the two of us more often............


We were able to celebrate Ethan and Averie's birthday parties with them at the Infamous Chuck-E-Cheese...............

Sawyer's New Toy................that Daddy Gets to Enjoy!

Sawyer "earned his rocks" by helping me around the house alot in the last few weeks when I am having contractions. So he decided he wanted a remote control boat like Uncle Bubba. It took us a few weeks to find one but came across one where else but Target. So he and Daddy took it out for a spin on Mlavik Lake and it actually made it home with them, I was afraid it was a cheapy and it would die in the middle of the lake!!