Today we spent the day with Rachel & Christopher at Thunder In the Rockies up in Loveland at The Ranch. Several organizations came together to surprise them with a Home Makeover!!! It has been amazing the outpouring of support for them from the community. They even had a stretch limo Hummer come and pick them up to take them out to The Ranch, Sawyer LOVED that, especially when he and Aunt Rachel were hanging out the sunroof at the stop light. Even Uncle JR made a surprise appearance all the way from Glenwood Springs!

You wouldn't believe all the TV crews that were there, I have seen coverage already tonight on CBS and NBC and I know I saw Fox News there too. Here is a link for 9news.

I am very proud of Christopher and his amazing spirit and Faith that has brought him through all of this. I just keep thinking, man what a plan God has for Christopher and how he is using him to touch all those around him as he meets all these incredible people along this journey. I can't wait to see what is in store for him next.

Thanks Bubba for being such an inspiration...................

Fun in Our Backyard!

Boo who is fast approaching the ripe old age of 13 relaxes in the freshly mowed grass!!

Look out Papa Bowman, Sawyer's Sunflowers look a little better than yours, HA HA.

Maggie playing in her playhouse.

Daddy & Sawyer showing off the new sandbox and hoe!!

Visit with Esther!

The kids and I went to visit Esther today which we try to do all together at least every other week. I get the pleasure of spending 2 nights a week with her and love every minute of it. I met Esther through a part-time job that I took last summer through Home Instead Senior Care. They provide in-home services for seniors to help keep them in their home. I was matched up with Esther right before Christmas 2007 and we instantly hit it off! She is 87 and a spitfire. Unfortunately in April she got really sick and never fully regained her physical strength so she is now in a nursing home but her family is so awesome that they have continued to have caregivers come spend the evenings with her since it is her toughest time of day.

Anyhow today we visited and Sawyer brought in his beloved grasshopper and ladybug that he had caught to show her. The kids had picked out some fancy rhinestone hearts for her crocs so that is what Maggie is checking out in the bottom pic. The kids are awesome with the other residents too and they all get a kick out of seeing the kids. I'm glad that they get to have this experience with the older generation!

1st Day of Pre-K

2008 School Year
2007 School Year

2006 School Year

Look how grown up my little boy is getting!!! Today Sawyer started Pre-K he had lots of comments on one of his classmates, Kinley, new hair style!!! He said it looked really cute. He also said that Owen told him that he is his best friend so that made him really happy.

Getting ready to start school..........

Today we had an open house for Pre-K, I cannot believe how much Sawyer and Maggie have changed in a year. It is absolutely amazing!!! Sawyer starts on Friday and will go M-W-F from 9:00-11:30 so ol Maggie and I will have to find something to do to keep us entertained!

Up to Estes Park with Aunt Rachel

We spent the day with Aunt Rachel up at Estes Park. She turned us on to the gondola that brings you to herds of chipmunks who are dying for a peanut!!

Neighborhood Get Together & Visit from Granny!

We had a little neighborhood get together tonight and this is most of the kids in the playhouse out back. Plus Granny & Macey were here visiting so the kids were wore out from all the playing!!

Dance Little Monkeys Dance!

Ride Sawyer Ride!

Sawyer has been riding with NO training wheels for a few weeks now! He was the one that asked David to take the training wheels off so he could ride. I am always amazed at the things he is so courageous to try!!!

Ryan & Maggie Spend the Day Together

While Sawyer was on his 12 day trip with Granny & Papa, Maggie got some time to hang with friends all by herself! Mr. Ryan filled a few of our days and his mommy & I got a kick out of Maggie and Ryan telling each other "NO!" several times throughout their playdate!!!! We also enjoyed watching Ryan try to give Maggie lots of kisses. It was funny because they were both so sad when it was time to part ways.......................Maggie would say "Bye-Bye RYE-RYE"!!!

We are so PROUD of you UNCLE BUBBA!

Check out this awesome story on Christopher aka UNCLE BUBBA! We are so proud of him serving our country and the amazing person that he is!! WE LOVE YOU

If any of you are so inclined an account has been set up at Public Service Credit Union
in Loveland, CO.
The Account name & Number:
"The Chris Hahn Fund" Account # 200161

DAVID'S LATEST PROJECT.................

I rigged up the ol umbrella for shade from this 105 degree weather but the cool double decker sandbox was David's latest creation which the kids love!!!! They've already clocked several hours playing in the sand.