The Difference between a GOOD gift & a not so GOOD gift......

My gift to David......THIS IS A GOOD GIFT, a very good gift, an awesome gift............

David's gift to me........ NOT SO MUCH:

This gift topped the worst Christmas gifts David has ever given me, it is even worse than the year he gave me kitchen utensils and printer ink.......he had better redeem himself for my birthday............

Christmas Eve.........

We headed off to Christmas Eve Services with Granny & Papa Bowman and Macey Woo Hoo.....Sawyer & Maggie sang Come On Ring Those Bells during service (see video posted below). They did great!

Of course the pajama fairy came while we were at church, I think the kids are just as excited for new Christmas jammies as they are for Santa---

Come On Ring Those Bells!


Sawyer wasn't expecting to see Santa since we had just gone to get our tree and he happened to be there. So Sawyer was a little panicked because he didn't have his list with him and couldn't remember everything that he had written down that he wanted!! Maggie though wants one thing and only one thing.......PUZZLES, she didn't hesitate a bit when he asked her what she wanted. And good ol Addie is our first baby to not lose it when meeting Santa for the very first time!!

Frosty the Snowman!

Christmas Trees through the Years.....

The Battle over the Bouncy Seat continues..................

Mr. Cocopugs LOVES the bouncy seat........Addie LOVES the bouncy sometimes the two collide!!!

A Day at the Track........................

Sawyer got a Razor Electric Dirt Bike from Santa for Christmas a mere 9 months ago, he rode it one time that day took a spill and was afraid to ride it for months. Then he decided he would just "coast" on it down our street then one day he decided to fire it up and he has been burning rubber, literally, ever since. There is a dirt track south of our house in Dacono that we took him to, he did pretty good with it being his first time out. He was full of questions though for David about EVERYTHING else except the task at hand which about drove David crazy.


So I just had to buy them matching dresses, so here they are sporting their sundresses. I can't wait to see what their relationship will be like as they grow older, I pray they are as close with each other as they are with their big brother.


My 3 Babies!!

Sawyer the serious one, Maggie the silly one, Addie what one will she be?!?!

Coffee Date with Addie & Friends

A fun coffee date with mom's from church - 3 of us had babies 3 weeks in a row on Tuesdays!! 3 of us got pregnant after doing a Small Group Bible Study called "Love & Respect" hmmmmmmm must have been a good study :0)

Just Another Day at the Park!

Ok some people think I am nuts hauling 3 kids out and about but I have to for my sanity & theirs!! We just get out in the morning for a few hours.........yes & a Starbucks then head home for lunch and nap.




Summertime Fun!

Last T-Ball Game

The T-Ball season has come to an end, we had so much fun this year meeting the families and getting to know the kids. David was the coach and did a wonderful job as always with the kids, all the parents asked him if he was going to coach again next year! Sawyer really likes T-ball and was hitting the ball and making great stops by the end of the season. He can't wait for T-Ball to come around again.........

Addie's 1st Trip to the Park @ 6 days old!

I cannot believe how different it has been having #3, with Sawyer we didn't leave the house I swear for 3 months, then with Maggie we hit Target & Starbucks within the first 2 weeks, and now with Addie we have been out and about since coming home from the hospital!! You just can't slow down when you have other kids to entertain. It's been good though getting out and enjoying the summer.