STINKPOT & STINKY taking a dip in the baby pool, which of course Sawyer liked more than his fancy schmancy whale pool with squirting water feature!!!!

I just love summer; hanging out in the yard, kids splashing in the pool, eating Popsicles, Iced Venti Chai Tea Latte's with a pump of vanilla, Mango Chicken Salads at Qdoba, yes I am pathetic but hey at least it doesn't take much to trip my trigger!!! I'm sure this will be our routine most of the summer but of course to make it even better we'll have to throw some good friends into the mix!!!! Sawyer tried calling his buddy Lilly today but he didn't get an answer to invite her over for a swim.

My baby girl is growing up.........................

My little Miss MagPie

Fun with Friends...........

SAWYER & the Girls!!!

Abby, Lauren, Addison, Kelsey, & Maggie


My Sweet Esther..................

This is my favorite lady Esther who I help a few evenings a week. I swear she is me when I am 87!! Sarcastic, smart alek, loves to read, you know ME!!!

Keep her in your prayers as she adjusts to her new living accommodations which I hope are temporary.


one weekend Daddy has them hauling rocks now this weekend it's washing the cars.
Busting their hump, Earning their keep as Uncle Buck would say.

My beautiful cousin Heather's wedding in Temecula, CA

I guess the Amtrak Train Ride was worth seeing my handsome boy all dressed up and having the time of his life with all the long haired girls!

Sawyer's Last Day of School

Sawyer & Sophia -
it was her father who pulled the chair out from under me!!

Evan & Sawyer

This is the video of Sawyer's class singing and receiving their certificates and unbeknownst to me our camera only does 3 minute videos so I missed Sawyer getting his certificate. UGH! So you will get to see random kids receive theirs!!

Maggie Captures Mommy's Feelings at the Bottom of a Starbucks.........


SOCCER! What a kick...................

Sawyer receiving his soccer medal, quite the honor!

Sawyer & his buddy Lilly, who he says he is going to marry.

Sawyer enjoyed his first time playing soccer, the kids played for 7 weeks learning skills!
Next on the agenda is swim lessons and T-ball. Of course little sister will be there cheering him on.

A Renewal of Sorts......

This past weekend I was baptized AGAIN! I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic church and this baptism represented for me a renewal, recommitment, a fresh start, a reconnection, a strengthening, an expression of my Faith, a step in knowing God on a deeper level, it meant so many things to me................I pray that this is the beginning of all the things listed above and more. I have been blessed in my life in so many ways and long to glorify God through my life, this baptism was between me & God and He knows my heart and will guide me in this journey we call life!!! Enjoy the pics of my official dunking.....................