So proud of my boy Sawyer! He received a PRIDE EAGLE AWARD at school yesterday. Mrs. Dreitz picked 2 kids out of the class and he was one of them. It was a surprise so we just told him Mrs. Dreitz wanted us to have a meeting with her and we headed over to the school. They had the whole school in the gym for an assembly with the parents sitting in the back. Mrs. Dreitz came and asked Sawyer to come sit with her afternoon class up in front, he had no idea still what was going on. The principal announced to the room of kids that she would be presenting PRIDE EAGLE awards to the kids who their teachers felt exhibit a prideful, respectful, kind attitude. She started with the Kindergarten class and announced Sawyer's classmate first then him. You could tell he was very surprised and then they drew names for someone to get to take home a stuffed Eagle and Sawyer's name was drawn. Pride Eagle hasn't left his side since! He is such a good kid and even though he drives me nuts at times at home I know he is a kind hearted kid!! To celebrate he picked
Chik-Fil-A for supper---

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